Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network Symposium 2016

At the end of September, PaCRN held its first symposium at the new PEMA Emergency Operations Center in Harrisburg. Members of various cultural institutions from across Pennsylvania and neighboring states met with those of the emergency response community to discuss resources and opportunities for collaboration. The full agenda may be found here.

As many of our regional colleagues were unable to attend, notes and presentations are available here:

Elizabeth Gordon’s notes from PaCRN Symposium

Samantha Forsko, Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network Summary

Jeffrey Allen, Pennsylvania Recovery Resources Team: Information Briefing

Heather Morgan and Samantha Forsko, Pennsylvania Cultural Response Team Training Development

Rebecca Landel-Hernandez, Cooperative Disaster Networks in Action: A Case Study

Miranda Nixon, Sustaining an Active Local Disaster Preparedness Program: Best Practices of Alliance for Response Pittsburgh

Jessica Unger, Alliance for Response: The National Initiative

Bob Winters, Protective Measures Best Practices

Tom Clareson, Digital Disaster Preparedness