Central PA Alliance for Response Survey Results

In late October, the Central PA AFR steering committee sent out a survey to members in order to learn more about the emergency planning needs and interests of our local colleagues. screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-16-15-16

We had responses from 19 members, well over half of whom come from regional libraries.


The level of preparedness of the respondents was all over the board, but it would appear that most of the institutions have significant room for growth.


Just over a third of the institutions seem to have an emergency plan already in place, and less than one third have a PReP.


Respondents seemed most interested in discussing/having training in the following topics:  “How to effectively communicate with first-responders before an emergency occurs,” “Building assessment/risk assessment,” “Preventative actions you can take to protect your site and collections,” “What supplies and equipment should we have on hand in the event of an emergency?,” and “How to handle mold.”

Based on the responses, it looks like a number of our local institutions are at a point where they haven’t yet prepared their plans, because they aren’t sure how to start, or they don’t have the resources (time, paid staff, or someone who’s willing to step up and work on it). Going forward, the steering committee now has a better idea of our local colleagues’ situations, such that we can focus our events on addressing these needs.

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